Tuesday, September 4, 2012

17 Songs with Bizarre Subject Matter

"Little Cloud," by The Incredible String Band
At first, I intended to avoid posting blatant psychedelia, as most of the genre tends to be filled with weirdness. Yet, I think this list would be incomplete without this song: about an anthropomorphic cloud that wears dresses and can't seem to cry.

"Detachable Penis," by King Missile
A 90's alternative rock classic: a man gets drunk and loses his male organ at a party, which is a shame, because he doesn't like to pee sitting-down.

"Everytime I Eat Vegetables, It Makes Me Think of You," The Ramones
Don't you just hate it when your friends are transformed into heads of lettuce?

“Breathing,” by Kate Bush
Kate Bush certainly gives us a lot to choose from. Close contenders were "Pi," about an obsessive mathematician, and "Cloudbusting," about Wilhelm Reich’s rain-making machine and trouble with the U.S. government. "Breathing," however, takes the proverbial cake: this one's seemingly about the effects of nuclear fallout on human fetuses, from the narrative perspective of one such fetus.

 "Hitler's Liver," by John Dowie
On a lighter note, here's an early Factory Records recording by humorist John Dowie, who offers some insight into a certain culinary craze. This clip skips on the priceless couplet: "The manager was sobbing, saying 'what else can I do?/The chef's a vegetarian, the waiter is a Jew.' "

"Anarcho-Pie," by Oi Polloi
If you're not in the mood for some dictator's liver, then Scottish anarcho-punk band Oi Polloi offers an "ace vegan" recipe for vegetable pie.

 "Somebody's Baby," by El Perro Del Mar
A happy, poppy fun song about... sudden infant death syndrome?
"Chicken in Black," by Johnny Cash
About brain transplants: a bankrobber's brain gets put into Johnny Cash's body, and Johnny Cash's brain, well, gets put into a chicken.

"The Curse of Millhaven," by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
A vain fourteen year old girl goes around her town and murders people, just because death is inevitable. Nick Cave, with his incongruously deep voice, sings as the little lady: "Like, my eyes ain't green and my hair ain't yella/It's more like the other way around."

"November Spawned a Monster," by Morrissey
The "monster," in this case, as a disabled, wheelchair-bound child.

"Rubber People," by Adam and the Ants
Just, um, take a guess... Adam Ant, you filthy bastard.

"I Have the Password to Your Shell Account," by Barcelona
No matter how adorable nerdy computer girls are, don't fuck with them. Ever.

"The Pickle Song," by Dinosaur Jr
This might actually be about how much J Mascis loves pickles. boing, boing, boing.

"Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out," by The Replacements
 When you were a kid, remember how sadistic and incompetent doctors seemed? Does it still feel as though they're indifferent to the pain they're inflicting? Yup.

"Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker) II," by Lou Reed
The legendary Lou Reed argues that Republicans, in all probability, have had sex with their parents: "It's been reported that you've had illegal congress with your mother."
"Balloon Man," by Robyn Hitchcock
Balloon men sure are messy.

"The Bloodbells Chime," by Current 93
Sell all that you have to the kittens, who reside in Catland, which, incidentally, is also known as Pussydom.

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