Thursday, August 16, 2012

13 Creepy Advertisements

Little Babies Ice Cream advertises their product with a self-cannibalising ice cream monster and bad puns.

 Humpty Dumpty apparently killing himself after a Kinder Surprise! sugar rush.

 A doll that laughs while rocking back and forth, as we shall all do in senility.

Disagreeing with Grace Jones risks jeopardising your life. Ain't she sweet?

Grotesque minced chicken advertisement from Soviet Estonia.

I definitely remember this one. Disembodied lips? In space? What is this, the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Many Toppings, the pizza-loving brother of Mary Poppins, could not find employment as a proper nanny.

Originally, the Jolly Green Giant had only one facial expression.

Play safe or you'll lose your limbs.

If you ever wanted to torment someone with schizophrenia, buy this.

Another gem from the Soviet Union -- oh dear.

Magic Kingdom or Magic Mushrooms? You decide.

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