Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi, Neighbours!

Why, hello there, neighbours! I hope you’re having a lovely day on this block of ours, just sitting in your cars, enjoying the rain. There sure is a lot of traffic on this tiny, dead-end road, isn’t there?

There sure are a lot of wee plastic bags in our area! Dad used to fill them with buttons. Buttons are very popular here nowadays, aren’t they? Never know when they’ll come in handy.

Hey neighbour? You wouldn’t happen to know why that light is constantly on in that window a few floors up? You know, that strange blue light? I mean, I just think it’s cool, you know? It's blue! Totally awesome. But you can only see it when those heavy curtains are open. Oh, I’m not trying to see inside or anything, I just like looking out the windows at these old, Victorian tenement houses. Aren’t they ever so charming?

I’m extremely oblivious, neighbours, and I can’t say I really notice very much at all. Okay, so I asked about that window because I saw some guy sitting on the window ledge with his legs dangling out, and it was about four in the morning, and I was a bit concerned about him falling, cause he was a bit high up. But I didn’t see anything, so that means everything's fine. Oh, okay. Cool.

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